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Castles have always been places where art was created. Kings, earls and even lords of small castles were especially in former times supporters of arts. In that way, everywhere in Europe art treasures had been created that left their mark on history.

On occasion of its 750 year anniversary, Vischering Castle follows this tradition and asked nine internationally renowned artists to create artworks inspired by the castle and its history. This exclusive, high quality graphic edition is presented in the exhibition alongside other works of the artists involved.

Just like Vischering Castle has been writing history for a long time, the artists contribute to (art-)history with their works.


Cees Andriessen | Ruth Bussmann | Mari Girkelidse | Moritz Götze | Thaddäus Hüppi | Gunilla Jähnichen | Sala Lieber |Stefan Pietryga | Gan-Erdene Tsend


Photo: Ruth Bussmann (2021): Burghof, Oil on wood.