Naturgeschichten – Botanik und Kunst im Dialog

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Nature and culture – two terms that are reciprocal and constantly redefined. Today both terms are more relevant than ever and omnipresent in our day to day lives, media and art. The new temporary exhibition invites visitors to travel to the 18th century and back to explore how perspectives on and perceptions of nature and culture have changed over the course of time.

Contemporary artworks of the artists Maike Denker, Judith Kaminski, Alem Kolbus, Julia Löffler, Heike Negenborn and Phillipp Valenta discuss the construction of landscape, appropriation of nature, the meaning of houseplants and human traces in nature. The exhibition’s historical part follows the life of the botanist and doctor Franz Wernekinck who was born at Vischering Castle in the late 18th century and worked on exploring the flora in westphalia and taught botany at the newly founded university in Münster.

Entry: 3,5 € / 2 €

Photos: Julia Löffler, aus der Serie „Exotic Plant Hunters“: 1) Porträt von Ernst Haeckel in seiner Tropenforscher-Ausrüstung. 1860 – 1900, 2) »It’s a jungle out there.You know what would look good with this plant? MORE OF THEM! Am I right!?!« @bellabucchiotti. 2020

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