Dramatised guided tour through the castle:

Steward Adolph Heidenreich Wernekinck

Burg-Vischering Fuehrungen Rentmeister Heidenreich Wernekinck durch die Burg

A bit rushed and weary, Steward Adolph Heidenreich Wernekinck sets out on a search. He is looking for a certain small note. His wife has made him take some curious relatives along, who had always wanted to know what life in the castle was like. The masters of the house are not at home – so a glance behind the scenes may be dared. And now the steward doesn’t mince his words and readily talks about festivities, marital  duties and wrongdoings of the common people. Join the steward on his walk through the venerable rooms of Vischering Castle and learn interesting details about the history of the castle and life therein and around it at the end of the 17th century.


Dates: Sunday, April 26 | Sunday, June 28 │ 3 pm
Duration: :  1 – 1 ½ hrs.
Place: Meeting place Vischering Castle, inner courtyard
Max. number of participants: 30
Admission: admission fee to museum + 5.00 € per person
For privately booked tours the fee amounts to 140 € + 3.00 € admission fee per person regardless of the number of participants