Beer has been a traditional beverage for thousands of years. In the course of a few decades, however, the industrial production has led us to forget that we can brew beer ourselves, just like it used to be customary in many households – and, of course, at Burg Vischering, too.  For that purpose, there was a special baking and brewing house here. For some years now, home brewing is celebrating an enjoyable renaissance, and there are more and more enthusiastic fans. After all, homemade beer tastes good and brewing it is fun! In our brewing workshop, we particularly want to focus on historical brewing ingredients and beers, without losing sight of its “drinkability”.  In January, we will begin with a Belgian light ale. In March, mild wheat beer with oak-smoked wheat malt will be brewed. In June, we will enjoy a Belgian Wit.

For Adults

Dates:             Sat., March 14 | Sun., June 21

Duration:        9.30 am to 5.00 pm

Place:               castle kitchen

Meeting point: entrance foyer of the outer castle

Maximum no. of participants: 6

Cost:                € 40.00 per person, visitors to the museum are invited to watch