Cancelled: Sendecki & Spiegel

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Vladyslav Sendecki is regarded as one of the most powerful and most creative solo pianists of the European jazz scene. The “Süddeutsche Zeitung” praised him as “master of emotion, creating a moving musical virtuosity”, while the New York Village Voice crowned him as one of the five best jazz pianists worldwide.
For more than fifteen years, Jürgen Spiegel has been the driving rhythmic force and a sensitive sound artist in the worldwide highly esteemed Tingvall Trio. AUDIO confirms his “breathless drum acrobatics, and sensitive as well as dynamic sound technique”. Now both musicians, based in Hamburg, have come together in an unusual piano-percussion constellation: Poesy meets dynamics, virtuosity meets refined dialogue, and freedom the exchange of intense emotions. A fascinating sound from which one cannot tear oneself away, which naturally dissolves the boundaries between jazz, classical and world music, and captivates the audience.

Admission: € 20.00 (red. €17.00)

Credit: ©Kai Beyer