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Gan-Erdene Tsend is one of the most important artists of the Münsterland and is well known outside of the region’s borders. In the year of its 750 year anniversary, Vischering Castle presents a big single exhibition of the artist’s works.

Tsend spent his childhood in the sandy and stony landscapes close to the desert Gobi. He then moved to Münster to study Fine Arts. His paintings take the observers to a magical universe, filled with Mongolian tradition and German everday-life reality. His artworks are a caleidoscope of impressions from distant, deserted landscapes and contrasting urban sceneries. In these scenes, the people mostly portrayed from back view seem to be free from time and space. Matching the exhibition’s title, Tsends understands how to question the presented picture of reality. One can often find the element of reflection in his paintings. The reflection creates a mesmerizing fusion of realistic scenes with imaginary worlds of fantasy and memory.

This unique exhibition persents new, large-format works as well as various privateloans from Tsend’s private collection, which the artist perceives as milestones of his artistic career.

The Kreis Coesfeld invites everyone to the exhibition opening on Sunday, June 12th at 5pm.


Image: Gan-Erdene Tsend, Untitled, 2020, 120 x 100 cm, Oil on canvas